Serving the following industries:

We are focused, experienced, and geared to serve the following industries to tailor to the unique needs of each industry.

petro chemical and refining, alfa laval

Petro-Chemical and Refining

Returning your equipment to performing peak catalyst recovery and removing petro-chemical additives is our focus.

oil field services. alfa laval, hutchison hayes

Oil Field Services

We want to assure that your centrifuge is processing drain water, drilling mud, slop water, solids control, and slop oil at maximum efficiency and optimum availability.

chemical, alfa laval, westfalia


Your equipment is vital to aromatic compound separation from waste and the effective extraction of impurities. We service your centrifuge to have it run at top efficiency.

waste water, alfa laval, westfalia

Municipal Waste Water

We understand the need of wastewater sludge dewatering leading to higher cake dryness and clearer effulent potable water.  We can help your equipment to optimally recycle water back into the environment.